Registered Agents
The State of Delaware has over a hundred registered agents which accept service of process for the companies which are incorporated in Delaware and have their legal address in the state.

We provideSame Day Service or Next Day Service  to all registered agents in Delaware.  Some of the registered agents which we serve daily are listed below. 

  • Corporation Trust Company - 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, DE  19801
  • Corporation Services Company - 2711 Centerville Road, Wilmington, DE  19808
  • National Corporate Research, LTD - 610 South DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 
  • National Registered Agents, Inc. - 160 Greentree Drive, Dover, DE 19904
  • Registered Agents Legal Services, Inc. - 1220 Market Street, Wilmington, DE  19801

We also provide Same Day Service or Next Day Service to the following Banks with headquarters in Delaware:

  • Chase Bank, USA, NA - 201 Walnut Street, Wilmington, DE  19801
  • Chase Bank, USA, NA - 200 White Clay Center Drive, Newark, DE  19711
  • Citi-Bank - 4500 Limestone Road, Wilmington, DE  19808
  • Bank of America - 1100 King Street, Wilmington, DE  19801
  • FIA Card Services - 1100 King Street, Wilmington, DE  19801
  • PNC Bank - 300 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, DE  19801
  • Discover Card - 502 E. Market Street, Greenwood, DE 
  • Barclays Bank - 125 South Justision Street, Wilmington, DE  19801

To locate the address and phone number of any Delaware Registered Agent click on the letter of the Registered Agents name.

This list of Registered Agents is provided solely as a convenience to our website users. The State of Delaware makes no representations or warrantees regarding the agents on this list.

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Service of Process
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